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Be ready to face setbacks

Success doesn’t come overnight. You need to develop the skills and take committed actions to succeed. Be patient.

“Clear thoughts ultimately lead to success. Ambiguity turns into indecisiveness and procrastination ending in massive disappointment.”

About Peter

Peter Muzik graduated as an industrial engineer in Germany and has been an entrepreneur for over a decade in Switzerland. He is known for three things: Never giving up. Turning difficulties into positive results. Leadership.

He is motivated by John Maxwell’s proverb “Everything rises and falls on leadership”. His mission: to lift people up regardless of their current situation and to make an impact on their lives by helping them to achieve their goals.

People who know Peter appreciatehis high energy, motivation and positive attitude. He currently lives in Zurich, Switzerland, together with his wife and daughter.

“I truly believe that getting crushed several times was unavoidable to becoming a better, caring human being with more empathy for others, being a better husband, father, friend, mentor, and an exceptional leader.”


“What I love about Peter Muzik is his authenticity, passion, and commitment to helping others. Peter is a powerful leader who is up to big things and making a big impact. If you have the chance to learn from Peter, seize that opportunity!”
Matt Morris
#1 Bestselling Author
“I know Peter for a couple of years now. We first met during a business event and are in contact since then. There is a single attribute from Peter, which stands out the most: His will to never quit, even if things are looking bad. He always manages to push through bad times and keeps his optimism during these times.”
Roger Haemmerli
Living on Social Media for over ten years. Built communities with over a million followers for a European media company
“Peter Muzik impresses with his goal-oriented, imaginative, productive, and cheerful way of life. With great energy, serenity, and perseverance, he has repeatedly turned even the greatest difficulties into positive results. A person who also inspires and motivates his surroundings through his balance and cheerfulness.”
Hans Wulff
Successfully managed several companies in IT and telecommunications over the last 15 years
“I’ve known Peter for years as a friend and as a business partner. He always brings joy and smiles with him wherever he goes. Although we have not been in regular contact over the past few years, he has remained a trusted friend. Whenever we talk, we can always share our thoughts and ideas openly and honestly. I can say that we have built a level of trust that is not easy to find. Peter is known for his big heart for people, willingness to grow and to put his dreams to the test.”
Vallo Arumäe
Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Starfish Academy & National Director for BNI in Estonia
“By all standards, Peter is an extraordinary man seeking to leave his legacy in life by all the learnings - some of them hard and tough failures - he has had the privilege to experience. His incredible positive view of others and his irresistible joy and smile are his weapons to create and build a better world. No doubt our life journey will offer us unforgettable moments, some of them very low points in our path, but only some men like Peter Muzik have the elegance of going through them with perseverance and great spirit.”
R. Miguel Coelho
Founder and Director Failbig Summit Worldwide
“I got to know Peter when he developed my new website for my men’s fashion store and manufactory. Peter is a very inspiring and creative personality, where even unconventional ideas meet fertile ground. If something does not work right away or seems impossible, he always finds a solution. It is always an enrichment to talk and philosophize with Peter about life. He is always lifting people, motivates and encourages them to take the next step to get to the next level.”
Mike Kobel
Men’s fashion designer and owner of the menswear label and manufactory MARKANT

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